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A Look at Eight AFC and NFC Teams in the NFL

Which conference in the National Football League has the best team? Is it the American Football Conference, or the National Football Conference? Only the Super Bowl can answer that question, and in the meantime there are thirty-two teams in both conferences to watch out for. These teams represent the North, East, South, and West, and play with pride. But no matter which teams win, lose, and suffer injuries throughout the season, the statistics don’t lie about performance. And, to have a beginner’s understanding of how teams within the National Football League compare to one another, a closer look at a team’s passing, rushing, and defense game is needed. The following are just sixteen out of the thirty-two teams within the NFL that provide good examples.

The AFC boasts the Denver Broncos (West), New England Patriots (East), Pittsburgh Steelers (North), Kansas City (West), Cincinnati Bengals (North), Miami Dolphins (East), Indianapolis Colts (South), and San Diego Chargers (West). The NFC holds its own bragging rights with the Atlanta Falcons (South), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (South), Seattle Seahawks (West), Minnesota Vikings (North), San Francisco 49ers (West), Saint Louis Rams (West), Dallas Cowboys (East), and Washington (East).

AFC teams like the Broncos, Patriots, Steelers, and the Colts have relatively high passing yards with lower tackle numbers. This means that these teams depend, for the most part, on their Quarterback and receivers to win games for them. Other AFC teams such as the Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers, and Kansas City have passing and rushing yards closer to each other with relatively higher tackles numbers. These teams play with a balanced and defensive ground game that seeks to push the ball down the field and stop the other team from scoring.

The NFC has its own high passing yard teams with the Falcons, Buccaneers, and Cowboys; however these teams also have collectively high tackle numbers as well. High passing yards and tackles show that these teams do not like to see rushing plays on the field either offensively or defensively. When it comes to defensive game play, the Vikings, 49ers, and Rams show their opponents what they are made of with tackle numbers that range from impressive to superior. Washington also plays a good ground game. Naturally these teams are formidable opponents when it comes to rushing the ball down the field over them.

Of course, there is a lot more to a great football team, game, league, and season than passing, rushing, and tackle statistics. There is the home field advantage, referees that seem to be blind at times, and off-field shenanigans that require their own separate spotlight. And of course, there are sixteen other great teams not mentioned above that have something to do and say about who’s going to win the next Super Bowl. Only one thing is for sure in this game called football; on any given game day, the tide can turn from victory to defeat for the favored team and the under dogs can snatch a win and catch a much needed rest.

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